Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You have the power to shift your mind! - ARTICLE

There is a common belief that your mind is somehow out of reach and that your emotions simply happen.

This is not true.

You have direct ways of accessing and shifting what happens in your mind.

Your emotions are not a given set of patterns you can’t influence.

If you tend to be over jealous and you know this can destroy your love life, you are the one who will do something about it.

You are the person who has the greatest influence over your thoughts, believes, emotions, actions and attitudes.

Part of what you do is an automatic response, right?

Now, you were not born with this instinctual response.

An instinctual response is the result of a conditioning.

You simply developed a given emotional response to situations which challenge your position in a relationship.

An emotional response is not a fixed pattern.

You can change it!

Does it happen overnight?


Will it take some effort, focus and dedication?


Is it within your reach?

100% yes!!!!!

A mind pattern is a set of emotions, beliefs and thoughts.

The “jealousy” mind set is only one possible mind set in a relationship.

The “trust” mind set for instance is another one.

Even within the jealousy mind set, you can play with the way you invest yourself in it.

This is not fixed.

You can play with humor.

You can play with “playing jealous”.

Most women enjoy seeing that you are ready to fight for them and for the love you share.

A bit of machismo can be welcome.

Now, if your power and jealousy weapon turns against the person you love, you obviously go one step too far.

Perfect harmony and balance in a relationship is created by a perfect combination of qualities.

You want to experiment and find out for yourself what works and what doesn’t.

This e-book is the first step of your solution.

The real solution is to take action and apply these strategies.

Read this e-book again.

Go to online forums.

Share ideas with other guys.

Establish dialogue and diplomacy in your relationship.

What matters is that you don’t stand still with it and keep evolving and learning.

This challenge is an opportunity to grow.

It is an opportunity to empower what you share with your partner.

You can come out of this closer than ever.

Accept the fact that it is a battle of forces and energies and accept as well to do what it takes to win this battle no matter what.

You are not a victim.

Your couple is not a victim.

You are simply facing one of these challenges and your goal is to win this battle.

No one needs to lose.

You can both come out of this immensely stronger and empowered!