Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why you want to do something about it before it is too late - ARTICLE

With the previous example, you realize one thing: if you don’t shift your behavior, this might lead to a break up.

You don’t want to break up.

You love your partner.

The reason you got this e-book is because you know it is in your hands.

You can be respectful and still express your power.

You can be an empowering presence in your partner’s life and still secure your relationship.

You want to do something about it because if you don’t, you will probably lose what you care for the most.

Tensions in a relationship can’t be stretched indefinitely.

At a certain moment, it breaks.

That’s unless you find another alternative.

You, your partner and your relationship are worth it.

The key shifting factor is in you.

I know that the moment you decide to do something about it, it is within your range to shift attitudes and manifest a brain new level of power and trust in your relationship.

You are the designer of it!

It is in your hands!

Don’t wait another minute!

Make it your top priority for at least a month.

Decide right now, that no matter how far you got, this is enough!

You want a new relationship equation and you want to develop a new mind set.

Obsessive jealousy is a drain for you, for your partner, your relationship and anyone who witnesses it.