Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What works and what doesn’t with tackling jealousy - ARTICLE

When you try to shift an emotional reaction, you need a clear vision of what to do and why to do it.

The solution needs to match on many levels.

It needs to match your own individual plan, your partner’s life and the plan for your relationship.

You need to tune into a model or a mind set which works better than the one you are using right now.

In fact, you want to evolve.

The good news is that there is a natural renewal power in you.

You already have the skills in you to empower your life and design a better instinctual reaction than the obsessive jealousy one.

Shifting an emotional reaction is about life mastery.

The door you open when you look at your life and decide to shift things around is the door of your mind.

You suddenly realize that you have the power to actually influence your emotions and your thoughts.

In fact, what happens in your mind is your territory.

This is the ultimate place where you can have an impact.

You have the power to redesign the way you react to emotional challenges in your relationship.

How do you shift your reaction?

You identify and train a new behavior and mind set.

Ideas, thoughts and emotions are mind “objects”.

You can consciously design the way you stand in your relationship.

You can choose values, attitudes, beliefs and the qualities you want to manifest.

In fact, you are the designer of your life and relationship.

Now, transformation and change is not something which usually happens overnight!

Shifting a behavior requires understanding, focus and consistency.

However, when you realize the positive effects of a new refreshing mind set, you are most likely to adopt it instantaneously.