Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What does it take to shift a jealous attitude? - ARTICLE

It is very simple:

It takes one to three months of focus and dedication to shift things around.

If you are ready, it even goes much faster.

Put it this way:

If you have been living with a mind set for 20 or 30 years, this mind set did create habits.

These habits are emotional channels, thoughts and beliefs associated with specific situations in life.

If you tend to overreact when you see your partner chatting with another man, you trained your mind to respond in a certain way in these situations.

Over the years, this created a mind set.

When you want to shift this mind set to an empowering feeling of love and trust, you need to retrain your emotional reaction in given situations.

You will be confronted with these challenges over a few months and develop a new way of reacting to these situations.

The goal is simple:

Create a win-win for everyone involved.

This means that there are no conflicts, draining fights or attacks on anyone’s personal freedom.

Yes! It takes one to three months of focus to shift a mind set around.

You see yourself coming with new ideas and inspiration for your relationship.

You can wake up a whole new level of power in yourself and use it to protect what you care for.

You simply empower the way you stand in this.