Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The target? Get rid of 80% of unwanted jealousy response - ARTICLE

This is a simple target you can focus on.

The goal is to train these new positive behaviors and reach your target within 30 days.

You know that you reach your target the moment you realize that 80% of your unwanted jealousy responses are gone.

I only described 11 key situations.

Of course, you might face a jealousy challenge which is not covered here.

If it is the case, write down a phrase or sentence summarizing your challenging situation.

Under this sentence write down “Unwanted jealousy response” and “My new response” the way I did for these previous examples.

After that, take a moment to think about what your unwanted jealousy self talk is saying.

Then, write down a few sentences which summarize what positive self talk would look like.

I know that in the beginning, it can be challenging.

Once you start, you’ll notice it flows easily.

If you really don’t know how or where to start, sign in for a coaching session and I’ll help you further with this.

After a few weeks of practicing these self talk techniques, you can radically shift the way you respond to challenges.

Make it your top priority and focus on it actively. You’ll be amazed of the results you get.