Thursday, January 28, 2010

MIRROR TACTICS! - Do EXACTLY what she does instead of going after her - ARTICLE

I call these "Mirror tactics".

Suppose that in your opinion, she's too flirty with a guy at a social event.

Instead of going after her, find a girl and do the same. Flirt!

Make it obvious and don't hold back.

This will most probably trigger a reaction on her side.

You see, most women will defend their right to be open and free with anyone until you start being open and free too.

That's when it hits them.

They feel it too: the insecurity!

They feel the jealousy emotions kicking in.

Mirroring her behavior is one of the best ways to let her see how it feels to be in your shoes.

You don't pressure her. You don't express your jealousy to her.

Instead, you do EXACTLY what she does.

If this triggers a conversation and she's angry at you for flirting with another girl, here is what you say next:

"So, you don't like it when I flirt with another girl?"

"Why not?"

"How does that make you feel?"

"I thought you too were having a good time with that idiot tonight"

"Would you say that we were both engaging in flirting or connecting with someone else?"

"So, if I stop flirting with other girls, does that mean you have to stop flirting with other guys too?"

Now, that's usually when it hits her!

This simple realization will often trigger the behavior changes you want in her.

She will do it because she knows that she doesn't like it when the situation is reversed.

She respects you.

She doesn't want to hurt you.

Now, she knows BY EXPERIENCE how her flirting with another guy makes YOU feel.

Next time you go out, you might feel her staying CONSCIOUSLY closer to you out of her OWN choice.

There was no demand! There was no pressure.

Guys come to me ALL THE TIME with this type of breakthrough when they use these mirror tactics.

They work amazingly well to get her to shift a behavior in her own terms.

In most cases, what's interesting is that if you had tried to "force" that behavior change on her, it would probably have triggered fights or tension.

Now, because it is her own decision and she came to that conclusion by herself, that's a totally different story.

She embraces that choice rather than resenting it!

The other essential point for you to understand is that when she shifts a behavior, YOU trigger that positive change in her by NOT challenging her on this issue and GIVING her space to change it IF she wants to on her own time and terms.

Very impressive when this happens.

Please email me your success story when you get such break through, ok?

Would love to hear it!

To your power!