Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jealousy triggers – Tackle them by making it VERY specific! - ARTICLE

Certain situations or circumstances are especially challenging for the man who tends to be jealous.

It might be social events or the presence of her ex.

It might be long distance or the fact that she cheated before.

Later in the e-book I describe specific jealousy situations with the best strategies to solve them.

There is always a trigger!

The goal is to identify the exact situation in which you feel jealousy waking up.

Rather than saying:

“I am a jealous man and I don’t know what to do about it!”

You say:

“I feel slightly challenged when I see her taking off to the gym and I know she will be seeing this personal trainer she is attracted to.”

You just made it very specific!

Finding the exact strategy to a very specific jealousy trigger is much easier than fighting jealousy “in general”.

This is why your first step is to define the exact situations in which you feel emotionally challenged.

Write them down!

You will recognize maybe 2 or 3 key situations where your jealousy or controlling attitude wakes up.

Your next step is to identify the best strategy to tackle that specific behavior.