Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jealousy outbreaks - How they are triggered by circumstances - ARTICLE

Are there any elements or circumstances which can increase your susceptibility to jealousy?

Yes! There are!

In general, anything which lowers your level of personal power can stimulate jealousy outbursts!

Here are some examples:

· You face problems at work.

· You are physically sick.

· You face money problems.

· A relative just passed away.

· You are in a transition period, just decided to get married or moved to a new city or country.

· Etc.

Here is why these events can increase your susceptibility to jealousy:

Jealousy happens because your level of inner power is too low.

If you are fighting another battle or you are in a stressful period, your level of personal power and resistance to jealousy triggers can be lowered because your forces are already invested somewhere else.

When you are super confident and successful, you are less prone to jealousy.

Jealousy is a reflection of insecurity.

It is related with the desire to protect something which you feel is threatened.

Because your wife or girlfriend is so intimately part of your life, protecting your couple means protecting yourself.

Now, if your level of power decreases, you are simply more receptive to doubts, fears and emotional instability.

This is why you might tend to express jealousy in these specific circumstances.

Another set of circumstances which easily trigger jealousy is when you support her financially, you work for her or she works for you for instance.

When you support her financially, you tend to assume that you have more rights because of that. You can have a greater tendency to control her.

Somehow, you do expect a higher level of commitment because you give her money.

We’ll check this situation in detail in another chapter.

What if she works for you?

Well, if she cheats, this threatens not only your love connection, it attacks as well your business or material stability.

You might express control not only as a love partner but as a boss as well!

This can stimulate jealousy patterns.

If you work for her, the same type of dynamics applies.

You depend on her not only for emotional or love life stability but for material stability as well.

If she cheats or leaves you for someone else, you might lose both a lover and a job!

This might make you more vulnerable emotionally or more prone to jealous attitudes.