Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jealousy escalation and its destructive impact on your couple - ARTICLE

Jealousy and control are dead end cycles.

The more you use it on your partner, the more your relationship dies.

You are killing what you were supposed to protect: the love between the two of you.

The moment you do abuse your power, you wake up in her the need to defend herself.

She starts feeling unsafe in her own space and needs to retreat deep inside to find resources of energy to go on.

Obsessive jealousy is destructive.

When you use it, you achieve exactly the opposite of what you want.

This is a dead end!

The moment you use obsessive jealousy against you partner, you create an emotional cycle and reaction which turns against what you love and care for the most.

You assume that control is okay when it is not.

You assume that to protect your relationship you need to limit your partner’s space and freedom.

No way!

This is 100% an abuse of the original “relationship contract”.

It is a deviation of the original agreement.

No one gave you the right to control someone else’s life.