Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I don’t like the idea of her massagist touching her - TIP

Unwanted jealousy response

Does she take her clothes off for the massage?

He is probably gorgeous and well built!

Why does she need a male massagist in the first place?

How come she always goes to see him in the evening when we could spend time together?

Your new response

It is strictly professional.

It is with me that she is!

We have a great relationship and sex life.

Yes! I can trust her.

She shows me that she loves me in so many ways.

I decide to trust her!

It is childish and immature to feel jealousy in that situation.

She feels so relaxed and so hot when she comes back from her massage. I am the one who gets to enjoy her!

It is really good for her! I know she needs it to relax!