Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How to cope with seeing her with someone else - ARTICLE

Imagine you are at a party and you see her having a chat with a man.

Simple, stop watching and take action.

If she is focused on someone else, the best response is for you to focus on someone else as well.

Don’t wait for her to come back.

Go and engage a conversation with another woman as well.

Your partner can only give you so much validation.

What gives you extra power is validation from other women as well.

Connect, exchange and open up.

The best way to overcome obsessive jealousy is to gain extra power and satisfaction.

If you are the “closed” type, challenge yourself and connect; even if you feel slight discomfort with it.

Don’t limit yourself. Don’t isolate yourself.

Stay active socially and yes, it’s okay to speak with another woman.

Don’t feel guilty about it.

You are not betraying anyone by sharing a couple of words with another girl.

You are expressing a basic human need: exchange and communication.

When you get validation from other women, this boosts your self esteem and empowers you.

One of the reasons you can get clingy or dependent from your partner’s attention is because you believe that no other female can value you as a man.

Give other women the opportunity to share a moment with you.

The moment you get a smile from another woman, it gives you an essential confidence boost.

Don’t isolate yourself. Don’t limit yourself.

Open up and connect.

A light chat with a nice woman is perfectly okay.

You are not betraying your partner when going for it.