Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Face your fears - ARTICLE

If you believe she is way out of line when she goes partying on Saturday night, go with her one time and check it out.

You might realize that your imagination does play tricks on you.

Confront your beliefs with real facts.

Don’t use vague feelings as a justification for possessiveness.

Real facts!

Most obsessive jealousy is based on delusion.

It comes from envisioning events, feelings and thoughts which do not exist.

It is a delusion.

Can there be a real threat?

Yes! Of course!

No need to play dumb either.

You can stay awake and aware but measure with exactitude the real extent of a threat on your relationship.

Step away from vague feelings and confront yourself with real facts.

If you have doubts, take steps and check them out.