Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Do it for yourself first - ARTICLE

Being obsessively jealous is energy consuming for you.

It is a waste of your precious time.

You are the one who will first benefit from a healthier mind set.

You deserve it.

Your partner will naturally be empowered by it.

The moment you decide to shift a negative pattern in you, you empower your life straight away.

In fact, it gives you an immense feeling of victory and satisfaction.

You are the first one who wins from it.

You shift your emotional base and stop wasting your time trying to control something you can’t control.

All this energy which was used for fighting and worrying is now free.

You can reinvest it in various ways in your life and relationship.

This is about gaining long term life mastery.

Mastering an unwanted jealousy reaction is one of these tests you face in life.

Now, the moment you understand how this works, you open a door to new possibilities.

This is about your mind!

This is about your life and the satisfaction you gain from it!

Realize that you are the architect!

You are the designer of your existence!