Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Defend her freedom! - ATICLE

If you want to remember one thing from this material, this is it!

Defend her freedom!

Defend her happiness!

Defend her rights!

If you are looking for a new way of expressing your power, this is the exact shift you need to make.

It is not overprotecting!

It is not being afraid for her!

It is stimulating and defending what you care for the most in her:

Her joy and pleasure to be alive!

If you crush that, you crush part of yourself!

When you express jealousy, you use what you can call “controlling power”.

When you defend her freedom, you use your “protective power”.

What is the difference?

Controlling power limits!

Protective power opens doors!

This is the exact way to express your power in the future.

You are not dropping your power, you are expressing it differently!

There are two key ways you can approach nature: as a hunter or as a defender!

The same applies to women!

You have two ways you can love her:

· By closing your arms around her and limiting her.


· Opening your arms around her and giving her space and freedom.

These two approaches are totally different.

So many men and couples are trapped in the first model!

It is much more challenging to love unconditionally and sponsor her freedom and destiny no matter what.

If you are looking for another channel to use your infinite source of power, this is it!

Protect, sponsor and defend her freedom!

This is the true alternative to jealousy patterns.

Ask yourself:

· Do you want her to be with you because you force her to?


· Do you want her to be with you because she is free and chooses to?

By the way, you can replace the word “freedom” by “happiness”, “destiny line”, “joy”, “pleasure to be alive” or anything you feel inspired to.

Defend her freedom!