Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Being clingy or desperate is a big turn off for women - ARTICLE

Women can love freedom and independence.

In fact when a man has a high level of inner power and autonomy it gives her trust and the assurance that he will be able to protect her in challenging situations.

Women often rely on men for emotional security.

A man who is strong and confident is magnetically attractive.

When you are extremely possessive and jealous of her every move, you sound very desperate.

It is a huge turn off for her.

Having to constantly feed a man’s emotional needs can be very demanding for a woman.

It creates pressure and limits her within the relationship.

The alternative is to stay in power.

Stay in charge of your own life.

In most cases, the best way to create long term harmony in the relationship is to maintain a strong personal base.

When you “abandon” yourself in a relationship, you become very vulnerable.

Stay in control of your life.

Go beyond the “exclusively passionate dream”.

Stay awake!

Keep your survival and fighting skills alive.

If you transfer all your power to your partner and simply rely on her for validation and security, this kills your self worth and personal power.

Don’t give up your personal independence and own destiny line.

No need to sacrifice yourself.

When you challenge yourself, you empower your own vehicle.

You don’t wait for your partner to show up.

You go on and follow up with your life.

Action is life force.

Action is what gives you extra confidence and deletes unwanted jealousy.

Join forces with your partner, sure, but don’t give up your individual identity.

Make sure that you are able to stand on your own any time.

This immensely empowers the relationship on the long term.