Thursday, June 11, 2009

She prefers speaking with her girlfriends - ARTICLE

Girls can share lots of stuff she won't ever share with you.

They gossip and support each other.

That's THEIR gift.

You have a whole set of potentials with her and what she gets from you might be totally different than what she gets from her female friends.

That's ok, right?

It is still with you she is engaged in a romantic relationship.

Now, if you feel you lack emotional intimacy with her, that's something you can develop consciously.

The first step is for her to feel secure in your presence.

It is hard to her to trust you if what you bring to the table are usally problems and challenging issues.

She needs to be able to relax with you, so give her comfort and nurture harmony at all times.

Once you achieve that, become a good listener.

Women love sharing once they realize you actually enjoy hearing what she says.

The next step is to invite her to share more with follow up questions.

That's actually a coaching technique but it is definitely something you can ad to your conversation skills.

Say things like:

"Tell me more about that..."
"If I get you right, you are saying that..."
"So, what would you do if..."

These are all invitations to share.

Once she starts sharing, you need to be a good listener.

Creating emotional intimacy with your partner is a skill you can train.

It does ad a new dimension to your relationship.

What about her girlfriends, how should you stand in that?

Well... Let her know that you are happy for her having these friends.

Be ok when she has a night out with them.

Be friendly with these girls when they come for a visit.

You REALLY don't need to compete with them.

Having them ads actually value to her life and expands your network as a couple.

It is a good thing she has them in her life.

To your power!