Thursday, May 15, 2008

Positive jealousy? - Does it even exist? - TIP

Well, I have seen men positively expressing their jealousy in subtle ways and winning psychic battles over other men who were a threat.

Many times, it is very subtle and can be as simple as letting another man know you exist.

No need to be explosive

As I said, if used wisely, it is truly a weapon that can save a marriage or a relationship.

In my opinion, the fact that you gf talks with another guy is not a reason to give up on the relationship.

It would be a pity.

Here is an example:

Your gf chats with a guy at a party.

Many men might feel slightly threatened by that.

Rather than withdrawing and feeling miserable, you can walk to them, look at him straight in the eyes, smile and say: "Hi, I'm Paul, Jane's boyfriend..."

Often that's all you need to get your message through and it works!

Is this still an expression of jealousy?


It is definitely a battle strategy that shifts the power balance in that situation ;)