Friday, May 11, 2007

Male and female jealousy? Are they the same?

In theory, yes!

Jealousy in men and women aims at the same thing: trying to protect your relationship!

Now, the way women and men express it is actually quite different.

Guys tend to have the power to control a woman's life. When a guy gets jealous, he will tend to be emotionally abusive.

This emotional abuse dimension is a key difference.

A woman will express her jealousy more in the sense of emotional insecurity and turn this against herself.

Now, of course, you do have situations where women take an abusive position and control a man's life.

This happens especially if the woman is in a position of power and the guy tends to be soft.

In that case, emotional abuse and control will naturally happen.

You can as well have guys who are jealous but emotionally weak who turn jealousy into a self destructive pattern for themselves.

They express it as insecurity and you see them totally disempowered when they express their jealousy.

Remember that jealousy is always related with the desire to bring back a sense of security in your life.

It is related with the desire to protect the couple's unit.

When this couple unit is threatened, jealousy tends to wake up.

Now, if you are naturally very insecure in life, you will naturally wake up the jealousy pattern more often because you rely much more on your partner and couple for emotional security.

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