Friday, May 11, 2007

Isn't jealousy a bit like being emotionally immature?

Yes! It can be, but not always.

When you grow emotionally as a man, you learn to master the jealousy patterns.

The reason guys fall into jealousy traps is simply because of lack of skills. That's all!

Sometimes, guys will believe that creating jealousy drama actually tells that you care.

In fact, it very often shows that you are trapped. Especially if you or anyone else gets hurt in the process.

If you do express jealousy and don't feel limited by this emotion, it means that you do master it to a certain extent, which is very good.

If you and your girlfriend are happy, it usually shows that you are doing something right.

It is not jealousy itself which is immature. It is rather the way it can be used.

If you feel enslaved by an emotion you don't like, that's the sign that something is unfulfilled and that there is room for improvement.

See jealousy as a weapon or tool you can master. That's the final goal.

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