Friday, May 11, 2007

Is a little jealousy good in a relationship?

Of course it is!

The question is not whether you can express jealousy.

The real question is: are you in control of your jealousy or does your jealousy control you?

Jealousy is simply a tool!!! It is a weapon.

If you know how to use it effectively it will positively impact on your relationship.

Now, if you see that your controlling attitudes are destroying your partner's joy, it's obviously the sign that you already went a few steps too far.

Women love it when they see their partners really caring for them.

Being a bit jealous here and there is a good way of showing that you care.

But!!!! It's essential that you stay on top of that emotion and play your jealousy card as a game.

You use it when you want and can withdraw it whenever you want.

This is the real skill you need to develop.

Don't be the slave of your jealousy! Be its master!

How do you do that?

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To your couple!