Friday, May 11, 2007

If it is that easy to shift a jealousy response, how come guys tend to be stacked with it?

Excellent question!

Most guys tend to stay stacked with this issue because they don't see a valid enough reason to change.

For those who genuinely want to change but don't find a way to, what they miss is simply an effective strategy.

Suppose you are a jealous guy. Your first instinct is to try to suppress your jealousy response.

It's like trying to put a lid on it!

It usually does not work!

The first step is to understand more about jealousy dynamics, how they originate, why they are there in the first place, the role they play in your love life, etc.

Once you have a greater understanding of the jealousy dynamics, you respectfully reorient the power behind your jealousy and use it in a more effective way.

You learn to communicate with your girlfriend more effectively.

You discover extra sources of power in you.

You reframe your mind sets and reposition the way you stand in your relationship.

Basically, you master that power and energy!

You don't suppress it!

This is why the average guy does not usually tap into these techniques without a little guidance and support.

It is because it takes time and energy to discover all that by yourself.

I am convinced that you know already everything you will read in this e-book or listen to in these MP3 audios. A part of you knows it but you are not aware of it.

All these instincts we talk about are deeply buried in your subconscious mind and we simply bring them to the surface so that you can start using them.

If you prefer reinventing the wheel by yourself, you are welcome to go ahead. I do believe that if you focus on it for a few months or more, you will eventually discover some of the techniques and ideas I am about to share with you.

Even if you really dive in it by yourself without this material, you will only unveil a fraction of what you will discover in this e-book and MP3 audios.

The question is: do you have three months? Do you have the time and energy to do all that by yourself or do you prefer taking the direct short cut I am about to share with you.

As soon as you see the strategies I talk about, the path to master your jealousy will be crystal clear!

Again, it is not that complicate. You simply need the right set of strategies.

What is your choice? Stay stacked at a crossroad for a few months or hit the target within a week?

My advice?

Act now! Don't waste your time! Of course!!!

To your power!