Friday, May 11, 2007

How should I react to my husband's jealousy if he stirs fights over suspicions of infidelity?

I assume that you are faithful and that his accusations are unjustified, right?

The key here is constructive dialogue.

You won't achieve anything while you both are on the fighting mode.

So, you need to sit down together at another time and have an in depth chat about what is going on and how this makes you feel.

If he realizes that something is wrong with his attitude and he wants to change, get him this e-book and MP3 audios:

and let him work on it.

What if he does not want to change and believes it is his right to be emotionally abusive?

Well, make it very clear that you are reaching your limit and that solving this is not an option.

Tell him that if he does not shift his behavior, you won't make it as a couple. Then get him this material:

Make him realize that this is a win-win and that he can trust you!

To you!