Friday, May 11, 2007

Does excessive jealousy fall into the category of emotional and mental abuse?

Definitely yes!!!

As a woman, you are emotionally abused when a man tries to control your life, steals your freedom, limits you, tells you what to think, wear or feel!!!

These are definitely abusive situations.

It simply depends on the intensity!

If you start dating a guy and you discover abusive patterns like these at the early stages of your relationship, you need to create clear and strong boundaries.

If the man is open for it, you can educate him. However this is hard work!!!

You can as well simply get him this e-book and MP3 audios:

And hope he will get the hint.

Many women buy this material for their partners.

After years of struggle in the relationships, they run out of energy and ideas and rather than giving up, they think: "Hey! that sounds exactly like what my partner needs!"

Yes, by all means! get this material for your partner if he is abusive, controlling or jealous:

Most guys who show abusive patterns do care! They simply don't know how to shift their negative behaviors. This is exactly what I focused on.

I take away part of the burden from you and focus on win win for your relationship. The goal is not to disempower your partner. It is to give him new tools so that he can respond to key relationship challenges in a different way.

Start with this material!

To your power!